Commercial Service: This choice is for your specialized business needs. It can be one time per week or more. We can design the service that best fits your needs. We can supply container, bag, or carry out service. Call the office for pricing.

Commercial Container Service: Many sizes available for your specific needs with a price for 1-3 dumps per week. All items must fit inside the container with the lids shut. If you feel you may become overloaded, you can telephone the office to request an extra dump for a fee. Your container will be placed in an area to which our truck can gain easy access. Please post no parking signs to insure we can empty your container on your service day. Locks can be put on the container to keep out looters or illegal dumping. You must supply us with a key or have it unlocked for your service day.

General Commercial Guidelines:
Trucks leave at 5:00am. Have your refuse in your container or service area the night before. Refuse not set out on time will have to wait until the following week for service. Trucks will not return to pick up refuse not set out on time.
Apartment Units must be listed as Double/Triple/Quad etc.
Address must be posted clearly on the business location/ building number.
If no Container is being used- All refuse must be in bags. Bags can be placed in a can. NO loose refuse will be hauled.

Bulk items
(example: furniture & appliances) require a call to the office for special instructions on pick-up and pricing. Tenants will have to pre-pay for these items.
Cans or Barrels to heavy will be left set. Nothing over 40lbs. Our haulers will not dig loose refuse out of the bottom of cans.
We do not supply cans or barrels; you can use one if you choose. When buying a can please consider handles and drilling drain holes in the bottom to rid excess water etc. Our trucks are equipped with electric lifts for totter cans with the bar on the front. Thin plastic trash cans will crack in very cold weather. We do not replace cans that are cracked, busted or missing.

Please notify us 2 weeks in advance. If you are staying in the county we can transfer your service. At that time we can schedule a final pick up and discuss any final balance due on your account.

Vacation Credit-
If you are going to be gone for an extended time call in advance and we can credit for the weeks you are gone, but must call in advance.

Please submit a notice to our office 2 weeks in advance of cancelation of your account. Any balance due must be paid prior to final pick-up.
Rental Containers are available for clean-up or small construction projects.

Holiday Notice-
Please see our Holiday Schedule.

Invoicing- Commercial Accounts are billed Monthly.
Resume service after a Disconnect- Account must be paid in full plus the next 3 months of service.

Items not accepted-
Yard Waste, Tires, Propane Tanks, Cans with Paint, Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Toxic Waste, Asbestos, Batteries, Drums with liquid, Dirt, Bricks, Block, Concrete or Cement.

Broken Glass-
Needs to be labeled in a box.

Diabetic Needles- Needs to be labeled in a can or milk jug.

Needs to have been cooled for at least 2 days. Do NOT sit out if they are Hot!
Any items not intended to be thrown should not be placed next to your refuse. All trucks are emptied daily. We are not responsible for discarded items.

If an animal gets into your refuse, our haulers will attempt to gather what they can. You will be responsible to get the rest. A cap full of bleach or ammonia dumped into your bag works well right before you tie it.

Inclement Weather-
Please be sure your disposal area is free of ice and snow.
Your disposal area- should be free from low hanging trees & wires. We need a clearance of 13 feet. Please keep bushes trimmed back for easy entry/exit to alleys and driveways.